Visiting Helen Georgia with Kids

A little German town in Georgia? Yes, really it does exist! This charming little town is located north of Atlanta and is truly a hidden gem. If you are visiting Helen Georgia with kids, here is some advice on what to do in Helen and where to go hiking in Helen.

Helen GA Family

We visited this city on our Southeast road trip after Atlanta. It is only about 1 1/2 hours north. When we arrived in the morning, we were just amazed at the “quaintness” of this city. It was pretty dead on a December weekday morning (we basically had the town to ourselves). Here are some things to do when visiting Helen Georgia with kids.

Helen GA Things to Do

Our day in Helen was more like half a day. We drove on a nice little road up to the town and stopped into Nora Mill Granary. It is a quaint little shop at the side of the road with plenty of home goods to purchase. There we bought a couple of pancake mixes to take back home and make with the kids (by the way – they were fantastic). If you stop here, buy any kind of pancake mix or grits. Both we tried were so rich yet light!


Downtown Helen GA

We drove into Helen and parked at a local lot. We then walked into a few shops and then had a snack or two at Hansel and Gretel’s Chocolate shop. It was pretty delicious. They had a variety of truffles, cookies, and other great snacks.

Throughout our day in Helen, we window gazed and walked into a few local shops. We then bought the usual magnet and Christmas ornament, and then made sure to have a German beer and stare at the view for a while.

Downtown Helen GA

After that, we headed to lunch at Muller’s Famous Fried Cheese Cafe and enjoyed some authentic Austrian food. The schnitzel was delicious, as the was the size of spaetzle and sauerkraut. We hope to be back during Oktoberfest, where I hear they hold festivals and the city comes to life.

Helen GA River

Where to Stay in Helen

Helen GA Hotels

Jameson Inn, Helen GA by Sharon Gourlay

The Jameson Inn is a great choice because it’s just a short drive to downtown Helen and to surrounding attractions like the Babyland General Hospital. It has all the facilities you need with nice rooms with fridge and toiletries. It’s also very good value and breakfast is included. Kids will especially like the indoor heated pool which is a big plus.

Check out rates for hotel stays in Helen.

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Things to Do Near Helen GA

Hiking Anna Ruby Falls

There are plenty of things to do in Helen Georgia with kids – including a hike. We then headed for a quick 5-minute drive to Anna Ruby Falls. It was a state park so we had to pay a small entrance fee, but it was worth it. The hike was very short (only 1 mile) and pretty gentle the whole way. On our way to the falls, we walked past some creeks and wooded areas. Even though the hike was not in the town necessarily, it was still close enough to include as a tip when traveling to Helen with kids.

Anna Ruby Falls Kids

There were several viewing platforms to take pictures and soak in the beauty. Overall, we highly enjoyed this little trail in Anna Ruby Falls. There are a few other short waterfall hikes in the northern Georgia area, but we were short on time. We stayed and took a few pictures and hiked right back to the car to continue the road trip onto another waterfall hike Tallulah Falls Gorge.

Visit Blue Ridge, GA

This charming town is only an hour away from Helen and there’s plenty to see. Click here to read about all the Things to do in Blue Ridge, GA.

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