How to Pack with Packing Cubes: Using Packing Cubes to Travel

If you’re looking for how to pack with packing cubes, there really is no right or wrong way. Using packing cubes rely on personal preference and packing styles. The way that I pack with packing cubes is that I neatly fold my clothes and then organize my items by packing cube. This means that my tops are in one packing cube and my bottoms are in another. If you have no idea what packing cubes are, then start here – Why Use Packing Cubes? If you do, then you know that packing cubes are a great travel item that most people don’t realize they need until they own them. They act like drawers inside your luggage and keep your items easy to find. I’m here to share the best ways to use packing cubes to help you maximize your luggage space.

how to pack with packing cubes

How to Pack with Packing Cubes

When using packing cubes, it is important to have somewhat of a plan. Depending on how many packing cube sizes you have, you can use them to organize your tops, bottoms, socks, etc… There is no exact rhyme or reason when using packing cubes, but it does help to think about how you will use your items. Do you prefer to pack all of your Day 1 and Day 2 items in one packing cube? Maybe you would like to place all your beach gear in another cube?

The point is that using packing cubes will save you space and help keep your items in place while you rummage through them at a hotel as well as make things easier to find. Sometimes it’s best to just see for yourself how using packing cubes will help organize your luggage. Check out this video below where I show you how to pack with packing cubes:

How to Use Packing Cubes

While there is no right or wrong way on how to use packing cubes, many people use them to save space and organize their luggage. The way that I use my packing cubes is I place all of my shirts in one, bottoms in another, and socks/undies in a compression cube. Depending on if my trip is a beach destination or a winter destination, I use a packing cube for jackets/vests or one for swimwear and coverups.

Using Packing Cubes: The Best Size for Carry on Luggage

I hope the video showed a clear picture of how to pack with packing cubes and why, I believe, the medium sizes are the best packing cubes for carry on luggage. Regardless of how you pack, using packing cubes are a great way to organize all of your essential carry on items.

When you are looking for the best packing cubes to buy, there are many options. You can get a set of packing cubes in the same size or buy a variety pack. When I bought my first packing cubes, I bought one variety pack; however, each time I buy more packing cubes, I tend to get specific sizes. My first recommendation is to buy medium size packing cubes and small packing cubes. They provide the most versatility when packing. The large size feels just too big when packing my carry on luggage.

using packing cubes medium size

Be a Minimalist: How to Pack with Packing Cubes

Packing doesn’t have to be complicated. Consider a minimalist approach and challenge yourself to pack less for your next trip. Try to pack items that coordinate with each other and consider reusing bottoms. I try to choose colors that complement each other and can mix and match during our trip. If you are traveling for more than a week, consider packing for half of those days and washing at your hotel or vacation rental.

If you already have a set of packing cubes, then take a look and see which size works best for you. Compression packing cubes could be a space saver for you or your family because they allow you to pack even more in the same space. For me, I would like to invest in more slim packing cubes, as I only have two. Their skinny size provides a nice fit when you get to squeeze something else into your luggage.

How Other Families are Using Packing Cubes

“We’ve been using packing cubes for over 10 years. We loved them before kids and love them, even more, when we are traveling with kids. They fit perfect in our backpack. I use them to separate our clothes. Each kid gets their own color, so they know exactly where to get their clothes in the morning!” Family Can Travel

“I love using packing cubes when doing Disney vacations. It helps me organize each costume for the kids as well as themed family shirts. Plus, it’s perfect for keeping an extra set of clothes in our Park bag for when the kids drip Dole Whip or Mickey bars on themselves!” Marcie and the Mouse

“We use a different color packing cube for each member of the family so it makes it easier to know whose clothes are where. I also use small packing cubes to carry a spare set of clothes for each of us in our hand luggage and they’re easily identified due to the color. No rummaging around trying to find them on a plane.” Passports and Adventures

“It hasn’t been that long since we’ve discovered packing cubes, but I can’t imagine traveling without them anymore. We use one large travel cube in a different color for the adults and a medium-sized one for our daughter. But other than that we use them to organize our “Extra Gear” as well. 1 for swimsuits, 1 for electronics, 1 for toys, etc.” Travel Gear for Kids

“We travel with carry on luggage only, so using packing cubes are a must when we pack for our family trips. I use one for nicer evening wear and dresses, one for everyday wear and athleisure stuff. We use 2 pairs of shoes for each of us in shoebags, and dirty laundry goes in a separate cube. It makes it easy when you have to unpack and pack!” Outside Suburbia

using packing cubes multicolored
Using Packing Cubes – Slim

Using Packing Cubes: Does Brand Matter?

To me, the brand of packing cubes doesn’t really make much of a difference. I don’t think it is necessary to buy expensive packing cubes unless you want to buy the compression cubes. If you will be using packing cubes regularly, buying the cheapest ones work perfectly. The brands I have are Gonex, Amazon Basics, and Bagail. My favorite though is the Gonex due to the price and quality, but again I do have other brands.

I have had my packing cubes for 5 years, and use them on every trip we take. Whether it is a road trip, flight, or cruise, packing cubes travel with me. My carry on luggage also has extra compartments to use, which gives me even more space if I need it on a longer trip. If you are starting out, I would recommend purchasing a variety pack of sizes. Then you can shift and figure out which works best for you and buy more or stick with what you have.

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how to pack with packing cubes luggage

The Bottom Line on Packing Cubes

The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong way of using packing cubes. They are meant to make your packing situation easier by organizing your items into little “drawers” and saving you space in the process. How to pack with packing cubes are a personal preference – just find something that works for you.

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  1. I’m definitely getting some of these for our summer holiday, looks like they make packing (and unpacking) so much simpler!

  2. I’d heard of these but no one had explained them to me until now. Thanks!! They look like they could really organize a suitcase well. Trying them for sure.

  3. Great tips here! We also love packing cubes and can stuff so much more in our suitcases with them! Also love them for organizing!! Love the Amazon Basics ones!

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