Using Autoslash to Save on Your Car Rental

There are many cheap sites that offer car rentals, last minute deals, and packages that are offered to “book your car and hotel together”. While this may work sometimes, I have not found a car rental site to beat Autoslash. It has saved me money on my car rental every single time! Here is how you should be using Autoslash to save on your car rental.


Here’s How AutoSlash Works:

Essentially, you can book your car rental through whatever site you choose, and then go to the Autoslash site and click “track”. Then you will need to input the car rental company, confirmation number, pick up and drop off location and the dates. My advice is always to pay at the car rental counter and not pay anything upfront, which makes this process much easier.

Autoslash will then send you an email saying that they will track the reservation for you and will email you when they find a price drop. Sometimes it can take a day or two for an email to come in, and other times, it can take a month or two. Then last minute (a few days before your trip), Autoslash will almost always send an email saying that they found the same class car at a lower rate and it directs you where to book. Sometimes it even finds you an upgraded class car for the same price and asks if you want to re-book as well. You can also select what car companies you want to rent from as well. I allow all and have rented at “lesser known” ones like Advantage and Sixt and have been excellent.

Most of the time, it has linked with Priceline and directs you to their website and you can book from there. The one important thing to remember though is once they send you the lower rate and you book, cancel your existing reservation! I really hope you use this little travel hack because chances are that it will save you on your car rental.

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