Our family has a goal to visit and explore all 50 U.S. states before the kids graduate high school. We often take road trips to do multi-state trips and enjoy visiting cities, national parks and eating at local restaurants. Here are some of our favorite posts from our travels around the country.

Falls Park on the Reedy

Things to do with Kids in Greenville SC

We visited Greenville in the winter of 2016 on a Southeast road trip from Miami. We have actually been twice to this city – once as a stopover driving over from Atlanta, and the other time from Charleston. I read

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Nashville sign

Weekend Getaway in Nashville

We love our kids very much, but sometimes it’s nice to just get away for a weekend and have some adult time. We traveled with our best friends for a couples trip to Nashville, Tennessee on a long weekend and

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What to Do with Travel Photos

We all go on vacation and take tons of pictures. Many of our pictures include scenic viewpoints, famous landmarks, and family moments. Then, you get home and start to think “what do I do with these photos”? After you share

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