Travel Locally and Explore Your Backyard

Sometimes it is just easier to travel locally instead of paying for a flight or renting a car to go on a trip. Exploring your own area can be a great way to get out of the house and experience the beauty of what is around you. This clearly depends on where you live, but regardless there are many ways to travel locally in your own city or state. Here are some suggestions:

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Travel Locally Within Your Own City

I recently moved to Fairfield, Connecticut in 2018. Since it was a new place for me, it was very easy for my family to travel locally. Everything was new, so it was exciting to explore our new surroundings. Having seen much of my town, I am reminded that it is important to continue to find hidden gems in your own area. Here are some examples:

  • Try new restaurants (check out Yelp for recommendations)
  • Visit a new park or playground with your kids
  • Take a walk in a new neighborhood
  • Visit a local museum or zoo
  • Look at TripAdvisor and go “where the tourists go”
  • Stroll the downtown area and pop into a local shop
  • Go for a bike ride in a “scenic spot”
  • Get tickets to local sporting events, plays or concerts

Before moving to a small town, I spent my life living in Miami. I know it is a popular tourist destination, so we made sure to do touristy things every now and again and explore the city when we couldn’t get away as a family. It was a nice “getaway” to see new things in my hometown and then come right back home and sleep in my bed.

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Travel Locally Within Your Own State

Living in Florida, we often visited many cities within the state on weekend trips and stayed a night or two at a hotel. Since we lived at the very bottom of a long state, road trips out of Florida were often reserved for longer vacation times. Some of our favorite cities to travel locally within the state were Marco Island, Key Largo, Marathon, Key West, Disney World, and St. Augustine.

I urge you to research the top things to do in your state or check out highly rated restaurants or shops and take an adventure to visit them. Our family loves ice cream and when I read an article that highlighted the best ice cream shop in each state, I planned a trip to Ferris Acres Creamery in Connecticut. Then, I looked up other highly rated ice cream places and we planned a visit to each one last summer. The kids loved our Ice Cream Trail weekends.

If you live near the border of another state, check that out some popular things to do there too. After moving to Connecticut, we love the fact that we live within a few hours of many states. We have taken weekend trips to big cities like Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Boston, and because we live so close, we often take the train into New York City. Since we love to try new cuisines, our family took a family food tour in Jackson Heights, a Flatiron food and architecture tour, and a Greenwich Village tour. We also did the touristy NYC things and visited countless museums and buildings too.

Here are some ideas of what you can potentially do within your own state or a state nearby:

  • Take a hop-on-hop-off bus or trolley around a new city
  • Rent a kayak or stand up paddleboard in a nearby lake or beach
  • Visit a state or a national park
  • Take a food tour
  • Visit a local Farmer’s Market
  • Take a different route that hits smaller towns
  • Buy food from a local deli and go for a picnic
  • Go camping
  • Try an exhilarating activity like zip-lining
  • Check out Historic Landmarks

The point is that when you travel locally, you can still experience different cultures, people, and food. Think about the things you like to do on vacation normally and make a weekend trip out of doing something you enjoy. Consider making a bucket list of where you’d like to travel locally.

Why You Should be Traveling Locally

  • You spend less money (no rental car or flight)
  • You can take more mini-vacations instead of 1-2 larger vacations
  • Usually involves less planning, which means less stress
  • You can try something new close to home
  • You can become more knowledgeable about your area

Resources to Help You Travel Locally More

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4 thoughts on “Travel Locally and Explore Your Backyard”

  1. I definitely need to do this more right now! I recently moved back to my hometown after over a decade away, so there’s a lot to rediscover. :] I’m hoping to go biking this weekend!

  2. I love the idea of visiting a local creamery! That ice cream looks sooo good! I live in Oregon, and we have a handful of really good local dairy farms that make excellent ice cream and cheese. Now I guess I know what I’ll be doing this summer…. 🙂

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