Travel Hacking E-Book

In 2010, I started using rewards credit cards to maximize my value and travel for less. I always had 1-2 credit cards with no annual fees and wouldn’t even consider those with annual fees even if they were giving away thousands of points. It wasn’t until I started reading blogs like The Points Guy, Go to Travel Gal, and Million Mile Secrets, that I learned how valuable credit cards can be if you use them correctly.

Many people often asked me how I was able to vacation so often when my husband and I were both teachers. The answer was pretty simple – use reward credit cards for all your purchases. I decided to write an e-book last year to share my tips on which cards I applied for and how I used the sign-up offers and incentives to travel more with my family.

This beginner’s guide is a basic 25-page guide that shares what credit cards I started with and how I slowly added more cards to combine more benefits. I promise, it is not difficult; it just takes planning. What I share only works if you are committed to paying your credit card balance in full or very close to it at the end of each month. Use code: 1DE9YPQ3BQ for 50% off on How to Start Travel Hacking.

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Travel Hacking E-Book

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