Travel Gifts for Kids

If you are searching for unique gift ideas for kids, I’ve put together a gift guide to help. Most families will take a vacation or two throughout the year, so these ideas are perfect travel gifts for kids.

travel gifts for kids

For Kids Who Love Puzzles

Many kids like a good challenge. If your child enjoys a brain teaser or two, then these gift ideas may work. They are also great to keep kids entertained while traveling for longer periods of time like a long car or plane ride.

For Kids Who Love to Write or Journal

Some kids love to write about anything and everything. While traveling, it can be a novel idea to journal things kids did on a trip or sketch places they have been. If you know a child who loves to journal, then check out these great travel gifts for kids.

For the Kids to Love to Draw or Create

Many kids love to draw. They make a great travel gift for kids because they are small and portable. Colors also provide hours of entertainment. If you know a kid that loves to color or doodle, these gift ideas will be winners.

For the Kids Who Seek Knowledge

Some kids enjoy learning about the world. If you know a child that enjoys reading about countries and all that can be found on a map, these travel books are sure to be a useful gift.

For Kids that Like to Stay Busy

Most kids enjoy crosswords and word searches. These ideas below are great road trip activities for kids.

For Kids who Love Card Games

Who doesn’t enjoy a card game? Card games make for great travel gifts for kids because they can play them in a back seat, hotel room, or airplane. They also offer game ideas and hours of fun for the whole family.

For Kids with Devices

Let’s face it, most kids use devices while they travel. A great travel gift for kids could be something useful to keep things charged. While many parents differ in the length of time they allow their kids to play on devices, most kids will use them while they travel. Making sure their headphones are comfortable and they have enough battery are two key items to keeping kids happy while connected.

For Toddlers

Keeping a toddler entertained during travel is quite tricky. Here are some ideas on some gifts to help parents travel with younger ones.

Practical Gifts for Kids

Here are some travel gifts for kids that are just plain useful. Carry on luggage and backpacks are always needed to travel. Getting some items that are more personalized would make a kids’ day.

Travel Pillows

Kids love to be comfortable, and a travel pillow could provide some relaxation and quiet. Check out these ideas for the Best Travel Pillow from Toddler to Teenager.

Experience Gifts

Sometimes great travels gift for kids are not material objects. Buying a child an experience gift could mean more than a physical gift. Consider taking them to a museum, a play, concert, zoo or an indoor adventure park. Another option is a trip itself. If you were planning on taking a trip anyways, print out a map of where you are going or a picture to let them guess where the trip is going to be. If you happen to be going on a cruise in the upcoming year, consider buying cruise gifts for them.

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