The Best Packing Cubes To Buy

If you are a seasoned traveler, you should already own some packing cubes to help organize your luggage. If you do not, I recommend that you read my first post – Why You Need Packing Cubes to Travel – because it will help explain the many reasons packing cubes help organize your travel items and how you can organize your gear efficiently. Even if you believe yourself to be a master packer, if you do not own packing cubes, you have not truly maximized your luggage space and organization for travel. If you already own some (good for you) or know what they are but are still deciding if you really need them, please read my advice about using packing cubes to travel and which are the best packing cubes to buy.

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What is the Best Size Packing Cube to Buy?

The simple answer is: it depends! After having bought a packing cube set of 5 different sizes (all ranging from Large to Slim), I believe I have found the size that works best for me. I have 2 sizes that I believe are the best packing cubes – the Medium packing cubes (13″ x 9″) and the Slim packing cubes (13″ x 5″).

Travel Packing Cubes Multi-Size

Medium Packing Cubes

To me, the medium packing cubes are the perfect size for shirts and pants/shorts. That is why they are the best packing cubes to buy. Unless you are a tall or large person, the medium packing cube is the most practical. It is small enough to fit two or three into your carry on luggage and it should hold all of the tops and bottoms you need for your vacation.

How to Use Packing Cubes

One medium packing cube has my short sleeve or long sleeve shirts while another has my pants or shorts. Since my trips are usually only a week or two, and I wash clothes while on vacation, I can easily fit 10 shirts if need be. The same thing applies to pants. I can usually stuff fewer bottoms inside a medium packing cube, but I can usually get about 6-8 items in there (sometimes more depending on if they are thicker or longer). I have also used is during the winter and one of my cubes has been my medium layers or sweatshirts. *Just for reference, I am 5’3 and about 120 pounds.

It is great when you are traveling with others (family or partner) and you need to fit all your items in one luggage. This way each person has their own cube and “space” and it also makes things much easier to find when it comes time to get items out of the packing cubes. 

My advice  – buy a set of at least 3 Medium packing cubes. I buy packing cubes on Amazon. Check out a few options for medium size packing cubes below:

Slim Packing Cubes

My second recommendation of what size packing cube to buy is to purchase the Slim packing cubes. This size is perfect for underwear, socks, and miscellaneous items. I have also used it to pack bathing suits for everyone or to pack pajamas. If I had to buy packing cubes all over again, I would make sure to have included more Slim sizes – they are very useful.

My sister just used her new packing cubes on a trip to visit our family and she has two young boys. She packed one luggage with Medium packing cubes for each child and then used the last cube for diapers and wipes. She loved the idea of using one cube for this, as when we traveled to the beach or somewhere for the day, she had a “cube to go” of essential items for her baby. Since she only bought a set of 3, she actually wished she had bought additional smaller sizes for various items (extra outfits, hand sanitizer, and creams) – that is where the Slim packing cubes would have come in handy for her. 

To check out some Slim packing cubes, click on the pictures below:

As a matter of fact, the next time I see prices drop below $15 for a set of Slim packing cubes, I will be buying more of them. They are so useful for smaller items. I also like the multicolored option showed above because each family member can have a different color and it is just easy to identify when you are in your hotel room and need to get items out.

What are the Best Brands of Packing Cubes?

I have bought Bagail packing cubes, Gonex packing cubes, and AmazonBasics packing cubes myself, while my mother bought Pro packing cubes and my sister bought Travelwise packing cubes and eBags packing cubes. All where a matter of preference. I have not found a difference in quality. I have been using them for over a year now, and nothing has torn or broken. My advice is to find a deal on Amazon. Shop around and see how many cubes you can get for the best value. Again, I recommend buying the Medium packing cube and Slim packing cube (if it comes with a set and it includes a Small size or a Large size, I would probably get it).

I have 2 Large packing cubes, and I find them too big for my carryon luggage. My husband though loves them because he is 6’3 and has larger clothes.EBags packing cubes are probably the most popular type of packing cube from other blog posts I have read, as is the Eagle Creek packing cubes.

There are also ultralight packing cubes (for backpacking) and compression packing cubes (you can fit more into those). Warning, they are worth a little more than regular packing cubes, but I recently reviewed some and found that compression cubes really do save at least 30% more space. If you are a notorious over-packer, then compression packing cubes may be for you. Click below to check prices.

Packing Cubes for Backpacking

Purchasing packing cubes for backpacking is a smart idea. I would recommend only using small packing cubes and slim packing cubes in order to maximize space and have things handy. If possible, try to get them in different colors, so that you can easily identify items inside like the ones below.

Should I Buy Packing Cubes?

Absolutely yes! Are packing cubes worth it? another yes! If you enjoy traveling (as most of us do), travel packing cubes are the perfect way to organize your travel gear neatly in your luggage. If you still are not sure why you need them, please read my earlier post – Why Your Family Needs Packing Cubes to Travel.

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Best packing cubes to buy

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  1. I love our packing cubes, and I agree the best size is the medium cubes! I will never not use my packing cubes now haha. Thanks for these great tips and suggestions for other brands. I’ll have to check them out!

  2. I LOVE packing cubes! I don’t know how I ever stayed organized before buying my first set! We have several (and we use them all!), but Eagle Creek are my favorite! I need to look into some of these other options too!

  3. We love using our packing cubes. It keeps everything so organized and easy to find our items. A lovely guide to better utilize packing cubes.

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