Personalized Wall Decor: Make your House a Home

When our family moved from Florida to the Northeast, we decided that we wanted our new home decor to be more personalized to our family. We wanted to purchase items that reflected our personality, interests, and our focus on travel. In addition to our art, we started looking up ideas on Etsy and Pinterest on ways to make your house a home. We found so many options for personalized wall decor that it felt like we were diving into a rabbit hole. After filtering through thousands of options, we settled on a few key items to make into a personalized wall canvas. Although I do not think we are done personalizing our home, we have added personal touches that reflect our family and our interests to the tee. Here are some ideas for personalized wall decor and little touches to make your house a home.

personalized wall decor family
Personalized Wall Decor

Personalized Wall Decor Options

Once we started looking at all of the options for personalized wall decor, the possibilities seemed endless. If you’re looking to make your house a home, start by typing general search terms like “personalized wall canvas” or “personalized wall decor” on Google, Etsy or Pinterest and save them to a board or your favorites. Here are some of the types of items we have purchased in the last year that have transformed our new space into a home.

make your house a home
Personalized wall decor has made our home a home

Family Name

One of the many items that stood out during my personalized wall decor searches were family last name items. Whether made from wood or canvas, there were so many choices. We settled on a couple of items; one at the entryway of our house and the larger one in the hallway towards the second floor.

Canvas Vows had a beautiful monogram last name sign that had many customizable options. Although it has a wooden look, it is indeed a canvas print. There are dark and light stain options, as well as the ability to add the name of your choice, size of the canvas, and a date. We chose our wedding anniversary and last name; however, I could easily see a first name and birth date option for a child’s room. We are very happy with how it turned out and how it looks in the hallway. Canvas Vows has many other personalized wall canvas items, so check them out.

This personalized wall canvas was a housewarming gift. It’s small size was perfect for the entry way of the house and reminds me of our family of four. Like most items on Etsy, it is highly customizable.

personalized all decor name

Favorite or Home State

Since we moved from Florida to Connecticut, I thought it would be nice to have a visual reminder of both states we called home. I found various shops on Etsy that created these wooden state cutouts and saw they could be personalized. I chose one that had years engraved and a heart to place in the city we called home.

Our second state purchase was actually bought on our ten-year anniversary road trip from San Francisco to Seattle. We both love the state of Oregon and have returned to the Pacific Northwest several times. When we saw this canvas with the state logo, it called out to us. We placed it carefully in our carry on luggage and took it across the country back home.

Special Family Photo

There are always certain photos that turn out pretty great. Whether it is from a vacation or a special occasion, it is nice to be able to display your favorite photos around the house. Since we travel often, we needed to figure out what to do with our travel photos. We came up with a few creative ways to display them around the house.

We have framed a few pictures that we love, turned a couple into large canvas prints, and then created a giant 80 picture collage of our travels together as a family of 4. Some of our favorites are from extra memorable trips like our Disney Cruise, a panoramic photo of hiking in North Dakota, and a road trip from Grand Teton to Yellowstone.

Personalized Travel Map

One of our favorite frames in the entire house is our personalized travel map. We came up with a family bucket list of visiting all 50 states before the kids graduate high school and are well on our way to achieving that goal. Each time we visit a new state, we take a photo at an iconic spot and use a template created by Thunderbunny Labs to print the photo in the shape of the state. We also have a world push pin map where we document our world travels as well. These ideas make great gifts for map lovers.

Favorite Travel Quote

Sometimes there are certain quotes that stick with you and you’d like to be reminded of their meaning. If so, you may want to frame a couple of travel quotes to help personalize your walls and make your house a home. Here is one of my favorite travel quotes:

Make your house a home

Favorite Sports Team

Since my husband is a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan, I bought this customized wooden wall art for our side door on Etsy. There are so many customized wall displays available online that choosing one was not easy. Check out their options for your favorite sports team.

personalized wall decor dolphins

Regardless of how you choose to make your house a home, adding personalized touches are a great way to infuse your personality in your daily living spaces. Our personalized wall decor has sparked many conversations with guests and always remind us of cherished times.

make your house a home

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