Park Model RV Glamping: A Family Camping Alternative

Glamping is quickly becoming the ultimate affordable luxury travel family vacation. Let’s face it, most parents are aware of the dire statistics: children today spend less time outdoors than any other generation. Instead, they spend more time in front of electronic media. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a typical week, only 6% of children ages 9-13 play on their own. To counter this trend, many parents want to introduce their kids to campgrounds, hiking, campfires, smores, and the great outdoors. But let’s be honest: the idea of traditional camping – setting up a tent and sleeping on the ground – is not for everyone; no matter how much they want to have outdoor adventures with their family. This is why glamping has become a family camping alternative in the last few years, and a Park Model RV offers both the amenities of a hotel room and proximity to outdoor fun. So if you aren’t thinking about glamping for your next family vacation, then you should be! 

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Glamping: The Family Camping Alternative

The idea of glamping – combining glamorous and camping – brings resort-style services and amenities to the classic camping experience. Many people’s minds go straight to visions of Kim Kardashian’s family spending mad money to stay in an ultra-fabulous glamping teepee set up in the wilds of Wyoming when you mention the word glamping. But more and more American families are discovering that glamping experiences in campgrounds all over North America in camping in units that feel like high-end hotel suites can be very affordable. This is why it is considered a great family camping alternative because you get the best of both worlds.

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Park Model RV’s: Affordable Glamping for Families

The key to unlocking affordable glamping for families across North America has been the rise in popularity of Park Model RVs (PMRVs). These unique camping vehicles combine the best things about the RV and camping lifestyle with a level of luxury that was previously unheard of in the camping world. Park Model RVs are often designed to look like a cabin or tiny home. But they are a type of recreational vehicle designed and built for camping, recreational or seasonal occupancy. And Park Model RVs are more luxurious and spacious than any other camping option available.

Like other types of RVs, Park Model RVs are built in factories to RV standards. But unlike other types of RVs, Park Model RVs come equipped with full-size beds and bathrooms. And often include luxury touches like granite countertops and high-end appliances. Campgrounds all over North America have installed Park Model RVs and rent them on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Families can rent these luxury units and provide their kids with an amazing outdoor campground experience without roughing it! 

Many campgrounds install these high-end units in pairs or small clusters so groups of families can create glamping communities where kids can make smores and play while moms and dads socialize around a campfire. And when the day is done everyone goes to sleep in big soft beds and air conditioning or heat in a unit that looks and feels like a hotel suite. And the best part is that the Park Model RV Campground glamping experience is very, very affordable. 

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For example, a family of 4 can rent a camping cabin in the Thousand Trails campground in Hershey, Pennsylvania from $113.00 per day. A Camping Cabin at the KOA Campground on the beach in Hatteras, North Carolina will cost that same family as little as $213 per night. Both of these examples of Park Model RV accommodations provide your family with a full outdoor family camping experience including swimming pools, hiking, and campfires…but with luxury accommodations.

So you can see why families are falling in love with the idea of glamping. It’s a great way to enjoy all of the benefits of a family camping experience: the social aspect, campground activities, and the great outdoors. But none of the negative aspects like bugs, heat or cold, getting soaked in the rain, or the discomfort of sleeping on the ground. It truly is the ultimate affordable luxury family vacation! To find an affordable luxury family camping cabin experience check out Go Camping America.

 But What if Your Family Falls in Love with Glamping?

It’s easy to see why families are glamping in American campgrounds. But it also raises a question: what if your family falls in love with the glamping lifestyle and want to do it all the time!? It’s a common question. Luckily this family camping alternative option is also affordable!

If you find your favorite camping spot and your family wants to go back to it again and again, then consider buying your own Park Model RV! You can buy one of these movable resort units designed for part-time recreational use for anywhere from $25,000 to $80,000. You’ll also have to pay for a campground site, but if you buy a unit directly from a campground, your site lease may be included in your PMRV purchase price. 

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Bottom Line

Consider glamping for your next family vacation. You’ll be doing yourself – and your kids – a big favor by enjoying the ultimate in comfort while taking your family camping in the great outdoors. For more information about the Park Model RV glamping lifestyle visit GoRVing. To find a list of Park Model RV manufacturers visit RVIA.

About the Author: Matt Wald runs the affordable luxury travel website Ready Jet Roam.  Matt’s depth of knowledge about camping and the RV industry comes from his former role as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for the RV Industry Association, a trade group that represents the RV industry in the United States. Be sure to follow him on Facebook.


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  1. We love glamping! I find it far easier than camping with kids. We haven’t tried it in America yet but would love to stay in one of those wagons!

  2. We have not been glamping yet, but I’m always eyeing it up as a family option & experience.

  3. Glamping is such an exciting prospect. A bit cleaner than camping and still encompassing the idea of the outdoors!

  4. I love glamping but I actually haven’t done it with the kids yet. Definitely on my to do list.

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