Mother’s Day Gifts Online Guide

With Mother’s Day approaching on May 12, now is the time to start thinking of what to get your mom/grandmother/sister. While in my family we tend to give a small gift, I’ll throw out some luxury and budget items. Maybe you have a sibling and would like to go in together on a joint present? Regardless of how much you want to spend, try not to overthink Mother’s Day. Moms everywhere usually just want to spend quality time with you. Since I always do my shopping on my phone or computer, I thought I would put together a Mother’s Day gifts online guide to get your wheels turning. Here are some ideas for unique Mother’s Day gifts online.

family mother's day gifts online guide

Mother’s Day Gifts Online Ideas

Personalized Gifts from Etsy

Let’s face it, mom’s can be sentimental. Giving a personalized gift to your mom/grandmother will likely result in a hug and maybe even some tears. These gifts can be inexpensive too. The beauty is that because it is personalized, it means that much more. From personalized wall decor to a custom pillow, these are my new go-to gifts for birthdays and Christmas. The only catch is that you should buy these with plenty of time. Remember Etsy sellers are small business owners who need time to customize your item. Check out some ideas below.

Throw Pillow mother's day gifts online guide
Family pictures heart mother's day gifts online guide
grandchildren mother's day gifts online guide

Weekend Getaway

Maybe a girls weekend with mom sounds like a good idea? A solo/sibling trip with your mother could be a nice escape, and create even more memories between you and your mom. Another option could be to give your mom a gift card to help fund her next trip or give her the push to travel somewhere.

gift card mother's day gifts online guide

Food Tours

If your mom is anything like mine, she loves food and cooking. Why not get her tickets to a food tour in a city nearby? It’s a unique gift idea and is something fun for your mom to do. Better yet, buy two tickets and tag along!

Packing Cubes

As silly as this sounds, you don’t realize how much you need packing cubes to travel. I traveled for years without packing cubes and once I saw how a friend used it to organize her luggage, I thought I would give them a try. Since then, I have bought several packing cubes in different sizes and given them as gifts to people. As surprised as people are when they receive them, they end up thanking me in a phone call or text later on about how packing cubes saved them space and helped them find their items quicker.

packing cubes


If your mom enjoys something, why not consider sending her a monthly box? Subscription boxes have been a recent trend filled with makeup, camping supplies, or meal prep kits. The options are plentiful. Maybe she would like a food/wine or home decor magazine? Regardless of her interests, a monthly subscription could be an unexpected and enjoyable gift.


Scented Soap Set

I know some people are not a fan of certain scents, but some enjoy many scents. If your mom enjoys aromatic scents, then why not get her a useful bathroom gift like soap? Or if you know she loves lemon or lavender, then just buy her a couple of soaps. Chances are, she has seen them before, and thinks they are too expensive.


Photo Coasters

Ever wonder what to do with travel photos or family photos? Turn precious photos into coasters that can be looked at each time someone puts down a drink. It is a small gift that shows a personalized touch and has the ability to make mom smile often.

photo coasters mother's day gifts online guide

Practical Gifts

Although this last Mother’s Day gifts online purchase may not be the most thrilling, sometimes a practical gift is best. If your mom needs some new towels or a new kitchen knife, buy it online. Maybe you could get her a gift card to her local grocery store or pay ahead of time for her monthly nail appointment? If you know she’s going on a trip, buy her some needed travel gear. Regardless of the item, practical and useful items may work well.


Whatever small token is given to that special mother in your life, try to find meaning behind it. The best gifts always have a purpose. I hope this Mother’s Day gifts online guide has sparked some ideas within you.

Mother's Day girls mother's day gifts online guide

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Mothers Day Gifts Online

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  1. Lovely ideas, we’ve already had Mothers day in the UK but it’s my Mums birthday coming up so these are super useful

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