Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers: Travel Gift Ideas

Now that the holiday season is upon us, you may be on the lookout for some travel gift ideas. If you are looking for some inexpensive stocking stuffers that are unique for the traveler in your family, check out these options.


Travel Books

Sometimes a great travel book becomes the surprise gift of the season. You may just spark a travel idea to a new country or state that the person never thought of visiting.

Travel Gear

For the avid traveler, new travel gear is always welcomed. Try some of these ideas that can fit as inexpensive stocking stuffers.

Packing Cubes

This is not a new item, but surprisingly some people still do not own these. I don’t know why! Most people will buy the variety packing cubes that come with large and medium packing cubes. Here are two smaller options (slim packing cubes and mini/extra small packing cubes) that are great for anything.

Photo Coasters

Check out these great photo coasters that look like Polaroid pictures. They are great to display scenic places you’ve visited or treasured travel photos.

Cord Organizers

Managing multiple cords are a pain! These little sleeves and “tacos” are a simple way to keep your cords organized when you travel.

Packable Daypack

Although most travelers would already have a backpack, some may not have a packable one. This is also a great lightweight option as a stocking stuffer idea for kids.

Portable Travel Charger

This is another item that most travelers have, yet maybe they could use an extra one just in case. Here are two options: a slim one and a giant one with multiple ports.

Travel Gift Cards

Sometimes a little nudge is all a person needs to take that next trip. By giving a gift card, it almost forces someone to make use of it and discount their travels.

Travel Gifts For Kids

For some unique stocking stuffer ideas for kids who will be traveling over the holidays check out these travel gifts for kids.

Miscellaneous Items

Here are some small ideas that could be useful for any traveler.

Travel Blanket

People are always cold on planes. Since it’s packable, this could be a gift for someone who likes to snuggle with a blanket on a plane or a long road trip.

Portable Bluetooth speaker

Sometimes you are on a trip and you want to listen to your music loudly. This is a way to do that. Whether you are on a beach or at a park, this speaker is a small way to be able to jam whenever you like.

Tile (Item Finder)

This little thing is great for people who are always losing their keys or phone.

Luggage Tags

These colorful luggage tags are a great way to distinguish your bags from others. Many people opt to personalize their luggage tags too.

Facial Spray Mist

I thought these were useless until I was sprayed with one accidentally sitting next to someone. The person apologized profusely and I asked if I could use it. They really are refreshing! It would be nice to have on a long flight to moisturize your face.

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