How to Create Your Own Personalized Travel Map

Our family has a bucket list goal to explore all 50 states before the kids reach high school. We came up with this idea in 2012 and were looking for a way to document this idea for some time. Then, we found an easy online template on how to create your own personalized travel map from Thunderbunny Labs. Essentially it becomes a travel photo map where you can customize your picture into the shape of the state you visited. It has been a fantastic keepsake of our travels and has helped us document our adventures. Our USA photo map has become one of our favorite travel souvenirs and one of our favorite things to do with travel photos. As of August 2019, we have completed 45/50 states!

Personalized travel map 7/19

How You Can Create a Personalized Travel Map

Thunder Bunny Labs has created a simple online template where you can upload your own pictures to see how they fit within each state or location. There are various travel map options to choose from, but since our family has visited so many states, we chose the blank version of the United States. We now have a personalized US travel map in our living room that we love to look at and reminisce.

USA photo map 2

Once our USA photo map arrived, we couldn’t wait to start adding pictures to see what our family travel map would look like. I had read about how easy it was to create your personalized travel map on the company’s website, and sure enough, it was a piece of cake! We created our USA photo map one Sunday over a bottle of wine. Check out how you can create a personalized photo map by clicking the picture below.

usa photo map main

Some states are very easy to find pictures that fit your entire family, while others can be a bit tricky due to their odd shapes. Regardless, it is a fun project to be able to create our own USA travel map and find pictures of the states we have visited. Now that we have this though, we plan on keeping the shape of the state in mind when we are taking our pictures on vacation!

Photo Map Products

For those of you that have other travel goals or just want to document where you have been, there are other options besides creating a USA photo map. Thunder Bunny Labs has an option of a world map where you would put in one picture per continent. That way you can create a family world travel map in a few simple steps.

personalized travel map world

There are also blank maps of Canada, the Caribbean islands, the Mexican states, Australia, and Europe. These are great ideas if you have traveled around a particular continent and would love a travel photo memory to display your vacation. Click on the pictures below to create your own travel map.

personalized travel map

Personalized Travel Photo Maps

There are so many personalized travel maps to create. For sports lovers, there are even ways to create a travel photo map of the baseball parks and football stadiums you have visited.

USA photo map stadiums

There is another option I found interesting too. There are solo blank templates of all 50 states. One idea is buying your home state and adding a picture of your family, or if you lived in another state, you could display both to show the past and present. There are so many ways to create your personalized travel map. Check it out some examples below.

personalized travel map state

We cannot wait to fill in more states on our U.S. Travel Photo Map. This personalized travel map is how we are documenting our family bucket list of visiting all 50 states, and is a nice way to keep our vacation memories alive once we are back. In addition, since we moved states, we ended up buying a Florida and Connecticut solo frame to decorate our walls.

USA photo map state

Thunderbunny Labs also takes custom country orders. This can be particularly useful if you have just visited a country and would like a framed travel photo map of that location. There are many listed on the website, but if you don’t see the specific country you are looking for, send them a message and they will add it.

USA photo map blank

For other ideas on how to display your travels, check out this post – Best Ways to Document your Travels. For other ways to decorate your home with memories from your travels, check out this page that has 70+ world travel themed home decor ideas or my post on other personalized wall decor items to make your house a home.

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  1. I love this and am always looking for more ways to show our travels in our home. This is perfect!! We are moving soon and would love to create this for our new home =)

  2. Love this! I DIYed a cork map awhile back, and we loved it! We have been looking for a new way to document our baby’s travels now, and this looks perfect!

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