Five Easy Ways to Save Up For Travel

There are many ways to save on travel. From getting a deal online to a sale fare, people have come up with various ways to save on travel. Besides using credit card signups, charging everything to our credit cards and maximizing our points with the various cards we have, there are other ways we save up for travel. Some people may not feel comfortable opening up a new card or cannot for whatever reason. So, here are 5 easy ways to save up for travel that does not involve using a credit card.

Save money for travel

1. Set aside at least $50 a paycheck to travel

If you cannot manage $50 a paycheck, then choose a smaller amount. Automatic transfers to a savings account will help because you won’t “feel it” as much. Once you save for a few months or even a year, you will see how quickly you saved some extra cash.

2. Create a separate travel account

Try to set up a savings account just for travel and do not touch it for at least a year. Decide on a specific amount and let the account grow on its’ own until you are ready to start planning your next trip.

3. Keep leftover change in a “piggy bank”

My husband hates change. We keep any extra change in a piggy bank or a ziploc bag and then take it to a coin conversion machine at our grocery store. It’s amazing how loose change adds up and gives you a little extra cash to use for travel.

4. Cut out things you don’t need

Although this does seem obvious, it is important to take a step back and evaluate your spending. It could be cable, doing your hair/nails, impulse buying, or random Amazon purchases. See what you can cut out of your life and save that money for travel.

5. Don’t go out to restaurants that often

We love to eat out, yet try not to do it unless we have family visiting or are going out with friends. By saving that money, you can use it to splurge a little more when you are on a trip and would like that souvenir shirt or that $20 drink.

Using even at least some of these ways will help you save up on travel and take more vacations a year or doing these steps for a couple of years may help you save up for a “big vacation”.

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