Family Music Videos

Our family wanted a better way to share our travels with family and friends. Instead of sharing travel photos, making vacation books, or creating personalized wall decor, we wanted to create a reason to go back and look at vacation photos. We came up with the idea of making family music videos in 2015 and it has become a wonderful tradition on our trips.

Family Music Video

How to Create Family Music Videos

The first step in making a family music video is finding the right song that relates to your vacation and that everyone knows. Choosing the right music is the key to creating a fun and lively video. Your family will have more fun making a music video with a song that is familiar to all or that is easy to learn and catchy. Play the song a few times before you leave on the trip and make sure your family knows some/most of the lyrics.

The second step is recording the video with the right scene or background. Making a family music video does take a little bit of planning, but not as much as you think. Before I started, I would watch other family music videos on Youtube for inspiration and then just let my kids do whatever they wanted while recording their lines. Once I find the right spot, I give them their lines or play the snippet of the song I would like them to sing and record them singing or lip singing twice (just in case). I have them start dancing first, then sing their lines and continue dancing for a few seconds afterward to better edit the video later. I also like to record random dancing scenes to be used as fillers.

Once you have recorded all of the scenes you would like for your family music video, you can edit it right from your iPhone on iMovie. The iMovie editing app is fairly simple to use and allows you to add the selected song of your choice, create a title for your video, and import photos and videos. You may have to play with it to get the hang of adding transitions and editing or muting video clips, but the learning curve is not difficult.

The more family music videos you complete, the better you will get as a director and producer and the better you and your family members will get in front of the screen. We started creating these videos in 2015, and with each trip, we improve just a little more and add more creative elements.

Here are some of our family music videos:

If you are curious and would like to see more, checkout my Youtube Channel Playlist of Family Music Videos.

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