Etsy Ideas: Gifts for Travel Lovers

If you are a travel addict and would like something unique and personalized for the holidays, Etsy is the place. There are over a million sellers on Etsy; all offering different types of products and crafts. What is great about the Etsy marketplace is the number of vendors creating items just for you. Many vendors are willing to create one of a kind items specifically to your design. Here are some ideas if you are looking for some personalized Christmas gifts for yourself or a loved one to remember their travels or remind them of home.

Personalized State Gifts

Home State Mugs

These can be customized by state, mug color, and state color. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Home State mugs

State Throw Pillows

A great accessory to any couch. Colors and states can be customized.

state throw pillow

Home State Cut Out

This beautiful wood cut out would look great in a home’s common area. Naturally, states can be customized.

home state cut out

Two State Cut Out

This gift is perfect for anyone who has moved. The larger state can be the current state and the little one can be their original home state. This could make for a great college gift or for anyone who has lived in two states. Colors and fonts can be customized as well.

two state

Travel Maps

Travel Photo Map

I love this map! Our family has documented our bucket list of visiting all 50 states by using this personalized travel photo map. There are many customizable options with countries, states, and even a world map. Check them out.

Travel Photo Map

Scratch Off Maps

There are many variations of these travel maps. You can scratch off world maps, states of the U.S., or even national parks visited. Depending on the store you chose, the background reveals different colors or images.


Push Pin Maps

Another travel gift idea is to give a push pin world map. The recipient will have fun pushing in their pins and then admiring how many dots are on the board.


Travel Memories

Personalized Suitcase Ornament

This suitcase ornament can be customized with anything. Be specific and they can make it happen.


Customized World Travel Ornament

A beautiful gift for a world traveler. It can be customized with a different quote and color.


Road Trip Ornament

This is a fantastic idea that is completely customizable to your road trip adventures. You can add the locations you visited, dates, or even include who went on the trip.


Travel Accessories

Luggage Tags

A personalized luggage tag makes a great gift for any traveler.

luggage tag

Infinity Scarf

Many women love scarves. This travel scarf would be perfect for someone who enjoys flying or just loves the airplane pattern.


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etsy ideas

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