Dryzzz Pillowcase: Now You Can Go To Bed With Wet Hair

The DryZzz pillowcase is a towel pillowcase that has solved the problem of going to bed with wet hair. As a mom of two kids, I am always on the go. The DryZzz pillowcase has alleviated one minor but frustrating issue at night – going to bed with wet hair! This genius pillow towel has a microfiber towel on one side and a regular pillowcase on the other. Now you can go to bed with wet hair because this pillowcase has a dual towel component and a water-resistant liner to protect your pillow from stains, mold, and mildew by absorbing moisture from your hair. Check out my review of this unique product and why it works so well for moms on the go, athletes, and college kids.

towel pillow case
The DryZzz pillowcase

DryZzzz sent me this towel pillowcase to review; however, all opinions are my own. I am sharing my personal story of how this pillow towel has created more peace in my house and why I think you should consider checking out the product.

Why We Love the DryZzz Pillowcase

This towel pillowcase solves a common problem for us – going to sleep with wet hair. You see, as a mom of two, I am constantly shuttling my children from football, dance, gymnastics, baseball, and choir practices. This means that on certain nights we often don’t get home until 8PM, which then means showers for cranky and tired children. Since they are athletes, they must wash their hair pretty often. While my son doesn’t complain (because his hair is very short), the moment I mention to my daughter that has to wash her hair, a meltdown ensues. The thing is that I don’t like her to go to bed with wet hair for a variety of reasons. So when she washes her hair, I blow dry it right after. I’m not talking about styling her hair, I simply air-dry the majority of it, so she does not go to sleep with wet hair. Here is where the DryZzz pillowcase has saved the day!

Once we received the pillow towel, I thought, “ok let’s give this thing a try”. One side has the towel, while the other was a soft satin pillowcase. My daughter instantly loved how soft the pillowcase was and also how soft the microfiber towel part was. She gave it a test run after gymnastics one night, and sure enough, not only were both sides of the pillowcase dry, but she raved about how comfortable it was. Success! No whining or meltdown and we found a solution to get her into bed a little earlier on hectic nights.

The Story Behind the DryZzz Pillowcase

One of the things I love about small businesses is that each purchase makes more of a difference. Since you are usually dealing with the owner or one of a few employees, it makes that purchase more meaningful. The DryZzz pillowcase concept was born when the owner’s daughter was working on a school invention project and came up with the idea of replacing the towel she used on her pillow every night. In addition, the company is associated with a children’s cancer charity – Sofia’s Hope – which is in memory of her friend.

Dryzzz pillowcase


  • The liner under the towel keeps the pillow dry and prevents mold and mildew
  • It is machine washable and does not shrink
  • Comes in a variety of colors, designs, textures, and sizes
  • Helps absorb moisture from hair while you sleep
  • Protects the pillow from wet hair, sweat, drool, color, and overnight treatments
Towel pillowcase for going to bed with wet hair
Towel pillowcase options for going to bed with wet hair

Bottom Line: DryZzz Pillowcase

This pillow towel has become a hit in our house, so much so that my son wants to try it and my daughter will not give it up. I love that it does have a dual purpose; when your hair is wet, you sleep on the towel side and when your hair is dry, you flip to the other side. This towel pillowcase makes a perfect gift for anyone (male or female) that goes to bed with wet hair and solves the wet pillow problem. I could even see how people could use this on road trips or when they travel to Disney, for example. Families are often at the parks all day, and this pillow towel would make it more convenient to go to sleep with wet hair.

The company is often adding new designs and materials, and they can even personalize it if you’d like. The reviews on this product speak for itself and it comes with a money-back guarantee. If you have a question, want more information, or would like to read some press about DryZzz check out their product on Amazon or buy directly from their website. Use the discount code FIFTEEN for 15% off your pillow towel.

Okay to sleep with wet hair
A happy customer with her towel pillowcase

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