Disney Snacks: 20 Things to Eat and Drink When Visiting Disney

Do you love Disney snacks? Well, our family does and loves to try new ones each time we visit! For us, the best Disney snacks are the classics, but we are always on the lookout to taste more. If you are not much into snacking at Disney, maybe scrolling through will change your mind. If you do love Disney snacks, then check out this list below and let us know if we missed your favorite Disney World snacks.

Best Snacks at Disney World

When our kids were younger, we did not really have time to stop and get Disney snacks. We brought our own goldfish, cheese sticks, and pretzels to keep everyone happy and moving so that we could get on as many attractions as possible. Now that the kids are a little older and have an appreciation for food, we have returned to Disney several times to enjoy food/drinks more. Here is a list of what we think are the best snacks at Disney World, although I am sure we missed something. I asked a few bloggers to share what they thought were the best Disney World snacks too.

Dole Whip

I don’t know what it is about this delicious treat, but of all the Disney snacks, this has to be the one I look forward to the most! It is simple, refreshing, and just makes me feel like I’m on vacation. As the years have gone by, Disney has created various modifications to this yummy treat. While the classic pineapple swirl or pineapple and vanilla swirl remain, now you can have it as a float, with a shot of rum, or try new flavors like strawberry, lime, and watermelon. I personally did not love the strawberry or watermelon flavor, and I have yet to try the lime one. Actually, on our last Disney vacation, I tried the coconut-pineapple version at Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom and am hooked! It’s like a pina colada ice cream, minus the alcohol.

You can get Dole Whip at pretty much every park and at the Polynesian resort too, although Magic Kingdom has the most variety and the original one. If you have never tried one of the best snacks at Disney World, what are you waiting for?

Adventureland Egg Roll Cart

These Disney snacks can technically be a meal, but I prefer to label them as a snack. The egg roll cart is located just outside of the entrance of Adventureland and almost always has a line of dedicated fans waiting. While I had heard of these before, it seemed that every time I went past it, I had either just eaten, or didn’t have time to stop because I had a Fastpass somewhere. There are two flavors: cheeseburger and pepperoni pizza. Our family opted for the cheeseburger ones and we LOVED them. The sauce they served was ok, but I didn’t think it was needed. I do recommend you give them a try and see what all the fuss is about.

Mickey Beignets

Looking for a unique, mouth-watering treat you can’t get enough of? Try the Mickey Beignets! Warm, soft, and dripping with powdered sugar, these beignets will be your new favorite Disney World snack. Be sure to take a stack of napkins, though, because you’ll be licking the powdered sugar off your fingers. However, they are only available at the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory quick-service restaurant at Port Orleans French Quarter. Take the ferry directly from Disney Springs to get one of these fresh-from-the-oven snacks.

Beignets are made to order. Therefore, there may be a short wait, but they are definitely worth it. Try a 3-pack for $4.49 or a 6-pack for $8.49. Plus, indulge a little further with either strawberry, caramel, or coffee ganache dipping sauce for $1.99. Gluten-free? Speak to the chef directly and have a gluten-free Mickey beignet made specifically for you.

Contributed by: Christine at Treasured Family Travels

Giant Mickey Rice Krispie

Mickey Mouse shaped Rice Krispie snacks are a popular treat in Disney World. They come in different sizes, with the individual snack-size ones on a stick. Even better is the super large Mickey Rice Krispie snacks that can be found around the parks. They are so huge that their size makes them a great treat for sharing (or not, no judgment!). The best selection can be found at the Main Street Confectionery when you visit the Magic Kingdom. It is $19.99 for a giant Mickey head.  

The super large Mickey Rice Krispie snacks are great because they come with a variety of toppings, or are completely plain. Some topping options are drizzled with chocolate and sprinkles or M&Ms, half-dipped, and many festive variations. It is almost too hard to choose which toppings you want to devour!

Don’t forget to take one home to keep the magic alive outside of the parks.

Contributed by: Debbie Fettback from WorldAdventurists.com

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

The ultimate snack of all Disney World snacks has got to be the Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich. You may know it as the Nutella Fruit and Waffle Sandwich or the Hazelnut Sandwich, but whatever you’ve heard it called, you must add it to your snack list. It’s currently only offered in the morning hours at Magic Kingdom Park. You can find it in Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square. Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is located directly across the bridge into Liberty Square, and it’s right before you would take a right to traverse the sidewalk to the left of Cinderella Castle. It currently sells for $7.99 plus tax, and I have found it to be one of the most generously sized snacks in all of Disney World. The warm waffle slightly melts the chocolate-hazelnut spread, which ends up coating all of the fresh fruit on top. It’s the right amount of sweet and slightly savory. It leaves you full without feeling like you’re on a sugar high. It’s definitely a must-eat for me every time I visit!

Contributed by: Sarah Gilliland from Sarah in the Suburbs

Campfire Cupcake

Disney World is known for its massive and elaborately decorated cupcakes, many of which are themed to the locations where they’re sold. They make for some of the best snacks when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth or just have some vacation fun. After sampling far too many of them over the years, I’ve handed the crown for my favorite to the Campfire Cupcake sold at the Roaring Fork quick service location in the Wilderness Lodge. It’s well worth paying a visit to this deluxe resort just to sample one of them, especially if you enjoy it outside listening to the waterfall and bubbling creek. This chocolate cupcake topped with frosting and crushed Oreos, candy rocks, frosting flames, and even a teeny marshmallow on a stick is delicious from the very first bite to the last – and it’s big enough to share if you’re willing to let a few bites go.

Contributed by: Kris from Nomad by Trade

Corn Dog Nuggets

So many people love the corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom. While I am personally not a fan, my son and husband LOVE them! They are also a fan favorite for so many Disney food bloggers. You can find them at a few places around Magic Kingdom (Pecos Bill and at Westward Ho cart in Frontierland).

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

While you can find Mickey’s Ice Cream Bar at many grocery stores, there is nothing like eating a Mickey shaped ice cream in Disney! It is one of the best Disney World snacks and can be found all over the parks and resorts. You can even find it on a Disney Cruise! If you have never tried this classic treat, you are missing out and should consider having one next time you visit.

Blue Milk

The blue milk at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is one of the best Disney snacks. I mean, it’s technically a drink, but I consider it a snack. You can find this at the Milk Stand booth. All they sell here is the blue and green milk. You can also opt for a shot of liquor in it (which we did) and I don’t advise. Now, what’s in the blue milk you may ask? It is a coconut and rice based milk infused with pineapple, lime, watermelon, and dragon fruit. They are dairy-free and plant-based too. Overall, a refreshing treat and something unique!

Lion King Ice Cream Sandwich

One of the best snacks in Walt Disney World is by far the Lion King ice cream sandwich.  This Animal Kingdom treat is made with two huge, freshly baked cookies filled with vanilla ice cream. It’s also complete with an edible Simba face and a lion’s mane made with icing on top. This yummy ice cream sandwich is so big that they serve it on a plate with a spoon. It costs $6.99 and can easily be shared by two or more people. The Lion King ice cream sandwich is available at Tamu Tamu Refreshments located in the Harambe section of Africa in Animal Kingdom. Whether you’re visiting Animal Kingdom with toddlers or kids of any age, it’s a Disney World snack you can’t miss. 

Contributed by: Amanda Emmerling from Toddling Traveler 

School Bread

This snack is one of my favorites, and I actually don’t order it enough. It can be found at the Kringla Bakery at the Norway pavilion at Epcot. School bread is a sweet bread roll that is filled with vanilla pudding or custard, and then covered with sweet icing and toasted coconut. It is not as sweet as it looks, and is quite filling. If this isn’t your thing, then I am sure you can find something delicious at that bakery in Norway. There are so many tasty treats in there!

Cheshire Cat Tail

Right now you can find the Chesire Cafe Cat Tail at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and it is currently just $5.49. This fun snack has warm, flaky layers of puff pastry that are twisted with miniature chocolate chips. Disney does not skimp on the chocolate and it overflows a bit so you should have some napkins handy. On top, you will find striped drizzles of purple and pink icing capturing the spirit of the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland making this a perfect Instagrammable Disney snack! This snack is sweet but not overly sweet. I do not have a strong sweet tooth and love this tasty pastry. Make sure to put this on your snack must-do list!

Contributed by: April Hammond from pixiedustedjourneys.com 

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Located at the France pavilion in Epcot, if you enjoy a French macaron, then give this one a try. While it may not be the perfect texture for those who really know their French macarons, the fact that it is filled with ice cream takes it up a notch! If you’ve never been to this hidden little ice cream spot, that is because Lartisan des Glaces is tucked in the back area. Pictured below is the raspberry one, but they have seasonal flavors too.

Carrot Cake Cookie

Of all the Disney snacks, this one is a bit misleading. It is technically called a carrot cake cookie, although if you see the picture below, it looks like a carrot cake, not a cookie! You can find it at Hollywood Studios at the Trolley Car Cafe and it is huge. Our family of 4 split one and it was perfect.

Flavored Popcorn

You haven’t lived until you had flavored popcorn from Disney. Although it doesn’t sound appealing, trust me it is one of the best snacks you’ll ever have. My personal favorite is the garlic shrimp flavored popcorn. I know it doesn’t sound appealing, but it is amazing. It’s so good, we want to head back to Disney just for that. 

The gourmet popcorn cart can be found at the Epcot experience exhibit. The flavors now are cheddar cheese, buffalo bleu cheese, and sour cream & onion. If you want to be bold, mix the flavors, your tastebuds will thank me. Don’t forget you can get a popcorn bucket souvenir, which changes frequently, so they are collectible. If you or your little one are Disney fanatics, I recommend purchasing a popcorn bucket. The popcorn bucket is $12, but you get refills for only $2. If you opt-out of purchasing the souvenir bucket the popcorn is $5.25, so it is cheaper to buy the bucket and get refills, especially if you have a large family. 

Contributed by: Corritta from It’s a Family Thing

The American Dream

Found at the Fife and Drum booth in front of the American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot, the American Dream is always on my kid’s radar. As far as refreshing Disney snacks go, this is high on their list – very close to Dole Whip. It consists of three layers of frozen strawberry, vanilla ice cream, and blue raspberry slush. We usually eat it on the go, but on our last trip, sat at Regal Eagle Smokehouse and relaxed under the shade for a bit.

Well, that does it for our list of the best Disney snacks! I know there is something we missed that you love. Please comment below on what you think are the best snacks at Disney World.

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