Compression Cubes – Are They Worth the Price?

Using packing cubes have been such an organizational tool when our family travels. I have packing cubes of all sizes and do not travel anywhere without them in my luggage. I was fortunate enough to receive a set of compression cubes from Traveling Holmes to review and was thrilled at the opportunity. Compression packing cubes are worth more because they act as space savers my compressing your items in the cube. The only reason I had never bought some online is that I was always wary of the price tag. I have to say, I was very pleased using this set of compression cubes and that the best compression bags for travel do not have to break the bank. Here is my review of why I believe compression packing cubes are worth the price.

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What’s the Difference Between Compression Cubes and Packing Cubes?

Compression packing cubes are very similar to regular packing cubes, except that compression cubes have an extra zipper that compresses the cube and squeeze the air out. This allows you to fit even more into your luggage, thus creating more space. They also usually look more like manila folders and have a handle, while the regular packing cubes are a standard rectangular shape.

The price is also different. You can usually get a set of 4 packing cubes for around $20, while most compression packing cubes are 3 for $20. There are plenty of cash back apps and discounts available, so the price can be comparable. If you do find the price comparable, I would recommend buying the compression cubes over the regular packing cubes. If you have never even used packing cubes, click here to see why packing cubes are a game changer.

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What are the Benefits of Using Compression Packing Cubes?

The benefits of using compression cubes are that it allows you to pack even more into your luggage without the extra space and it is made of much better material than those Ziploc space bags that you have to vacuum the air out. Plus, those vacuum bags eventually let some air out after multiple uses. Compression packing cubes come in different sizes and are perfect for over packers or people who are traveling for an extended time and need to fit more into their luggage. Now, please note that the compression cubes do not change the weight in your luggage, it just saves you space so that you can make more items.

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My Review Using the Compression Cubes

After testing the Traveling Holmes compression cubes, I found that they were very easy to compress and did in fact allow me to pack more than a standard packing cube. It works very similarly to a standard packing cube. I just rolled up my shirts and zipped it up. Then, I used the second zipper in the middle of the compression cube to squeeze the air out. While I did have to apply a bit of pressure, it was not difficult at all.

I used the compression packing cubes on a San Francisco to Seattle road trip and they arrived in the middle of the trip. I rearranged items a bit and found that they really did fit more than the standard packing cubes. I would say about 30% more. I was also worried that the compression cubes would make my clothes wrinkle more and they did not wrinkle extra. Travel tip – Use wrinkle releaser when you travel to spray your shirt and stretch out any packing wrinkles.

The material seemed quite durable, but even if there is a zipper issue or a tear, they have a lifetime guarantee, so I am not worried. Overall, I was very pleased with my compression cubes and am happy to recommend them for people who need that extra space and are not minimalist travelers.

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Which are the Best Compression Bags for Travel?

I have done some online research on which are the best compression bags for travel, and just like my other review on which are the best packing cubes to buy, I say the cheapest one wins. They are all made from similar material and promise very similar things. I would buy the one that gives you more compression packing cubes for less money and those with high ratings and reviews.

Also, the best compression bags for travel are those that save you space and allow you to fit more when you are traveling somewhere which you may need options. For example, if you are traveling overseas or only taking a carry on luggage, then compression cubes would be a worthwhile investment. I am definitely planning to add these to my Disney packing list!

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5 thoughts on “Compression Cubes – Are They Worth the Price?”

  1. We love using packing cubes! They help us stay organized, especially if we are packing more than one person in a suitcase! I’ll have to check out the compression ones – so neat!

  2. Ask The Dutch Guy

    Great post! I also love compression packing cubes. It helps me organize and separate my clothing. It also allows me to fit more items in my bag even if I have limited space.

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