Busch Gardens Williamsburg Review with Kids

We are a theme park loving family and try to plan a visit to a theme park at least once a year. We were on a road trip from Baltimore and Colonial Williamsburg, so we made sure to set aside a day for Busch Gardens Williamsburg. There is plenty to do in the area, and I’m so happy we decided to visit. It was the perfect mix of rides for the entire family to enjoy. Here is my Busch Gardens Williamsburg review with kids.

Busch gardens williamsburg review

When our children were younger, we had annual passes to Disney World. We fell in love with the “magic” and enjoyed the attractions as well as the overall ambiance of a Disney park. Annual passes to Disney were quite expensive, even though we were Florida residents. We decided that it was time to stop, but still felt the itch of wanting to ride roller coasters. My husband and I decided to fly to Baltimore when we found cheap Southwest tickets. We had enough miles and then started researching what we wanted to do around Maryland and Virginia. Williamsburg was at the top of the list! After a day exploring Baltimore and another day at Colonial Williamsburg, we thought Busch Gardens Williamsburg would be the perfect theme park after our Disney experience.

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Our Busch Gardens Williamsburg Review

First of all, the theming and landscaping at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is excellent. Of all the theme parks we have been to (15 so far), this one is, by far, the most scenic. Once you enter the gates, you are transported into the “Countries of Europe”. In addition, the landscape of the park is stunning (there are trees and rivers everywhere you turn). You are essentially in a forest, isolated from everything else. This is something we loved about the Disney Parks – the feel that you are transported away from your regular world.

Busch gardens williamsburg review family

The first country after the entrance gates is Britain. Each country is so well themed, it really does feel like you are there (a similar feeling like visiting the countries in Epcot). There are many bridges to cross over, each unique in its’ own way. We tended to walk slowly and admired the lush trees and European decor around us. The rides carry the European theme as well. The entrance of each ride was elaborately adorned with pieces that helped you “buy in” to the theme. Kudos to Busch Gardens!

Now the best part about visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg with kids is definitely the rides! The roller coasters here are top-notch! They had all types and all thrill levels, which is perfect for our family. My husband and son are thrill-seekers; I am somewhat in the middle, and my daughter likes things “mild”. They had something for everyone! There are even carnival-style rides, which we did not expect.

My advice is to do some research ahead of time and plan to visit the park when it opens. We got our tickets ahead of time on Groupon and saved $8 per person. You can also buy the parking in advance if you’d like. Try to do the “popular” rides first, such as the roller coasters. Those usually have the longest wait times. Pick up a map when you arrive and use it to guide your travels.

Another tip is to try and have lunch early or late to avoid the peak lunch time crowds. In terms of food, there are a variety of options at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Theme park food is usually not great, and the food here was surprisingly delicious and not too crazy in price.

All in all, it was a terrific day filled with screams, laughter, and good old-fashioned family fun. My Busch Gardens Williamsburg review is basically this – GO! I highly recommend it if you are in the Virginia/Maryland area or nearby visiting Colonial Williamsburg.

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Busch gardens williamsburg review Colonial

Things to do in Williamsburg

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Where to Stay in Williamsburg

We opted to stay just outside of Williamsburg, closer to Richmond, VA. As much as it enticed me to stay at one of the inns or bed and breakfasts, we had a small amount of Marriott rewards points that allowed us to stay for free just outside the city center. I try to stay loyal to hotel brands as it really does pay off in the long term. My family stays at hotels for free quite often because I maximize our hotel reward accounts and stay at places with lower point values outside of the city center. If you are interested to learn how I do this, I wrote a short introduction e-book – How to Start Travel Hacking.

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  1. We are a theme parks family too! I haven’t had a chance to visit Busch Gardens, but adding it to our family theme park list now!

  2. I have been to Williamsburg a few times to go to Colonial Williamsburg. But we never went to Busch Gardens. I feel like now I’m missin out and need to go visit.

  3. Oh, wow. I wouldn’t have expected rides there. It looks like a good combo of thrilling stuff for the kids mixed with a dose of history in the European area.

  4. What an amazing theme park, love how all the countries are individually represented and themed! Hopefully we’ll get to visit one day.

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