Best Hardside Luggage: Most Durable Luggage to Carry On

If you are like my family, we always carry on when we fly. First of all, it is cheaper. Secondly, it is much faster. We like to get to our destination and go! Plus, we like to pack light. If you are traveling with kids, it is certain that their luggage will take a beating. If you are looking for ideas on which carry on luggage to buy, check out my top picks of the most durable luggage and best hardside luggage.

most durable luggage

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Best Hardside Luggage

Growing up, we always used cloth luggage when we traveled anywhere. When I was old enough to buy my own luggage, I did the same. After a few years, I noticed people traveling with hardside luggage and thought about purchasing some, but never did until I had kids. I am not sure why I did not purchase hardside luggage sooner. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and more durable than other luggage. I own three hardside luggage with spinner wheels, which I absolutely love!

Olympia 21″ Denmark Spinner 

This gets my vote for the best carry on luggage for kids. Its hard shell makes it almost kid proof. My kids love this carry on luggage. Their favorite part is that it spins on 4 wheels in all directions, meaning they don’t really have to pull it around…they can push it! It comes in a variety of colors and it meets the carry on size requirement for domestic and international travel. It is a small carry on luggage and is not heavy at all. To me, this is the best spinner luggage.

It’s one of the most durable luggage our family owns. The handle is sturdy and the hard outer shell has withstood “kid travel”. It is also expandable for times we could use the extra space on a road trip or if we decide to check in bags. Internally, there is a zipper divider and compartments for more organization and storage. For under $50, it is considered a cheap carry on luggage, yet it is a very durable luggage. To me, it’s one of the best hardside luggage that has proven to stand up to my kids’ destructive habits.

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The Chester Luggage

The Chester luggage is a fantastic item we recently received to review. Just by looking at it, you can tell it is a well crafted and durable piece of luggage. Its outer shell is made from a polycarbonate material, which is strong yet flexible to allow for a little more expansion when packing. It also has an easy to use TSA approved lock on the top part, which helps to keep my contents safe in case I do decide to check it in.

It fits the carry on requirements at 21.5 inches and has 4 spinner wheels. Spinner wheels make pushing luggage through the airport so much easier! However, what I love best about the Chester luggage is that it has a functional, compartmentalized interior (which I organize using packing cubes). They include 3 pockets (2 small and one large), and a bonus water-resistant pouch to store wet items, shoes, or dirty clothes. To see how I pack using this luggage, watch my How to Pack with Packing Cubes video.

Although it is the newest addition to our travel luggage, I feel that it has already started to stand up to the test. We travel at least 3-4 times a year on a plane, at least once a month via train, and once a month we take a weekend getaway road trip. Our family luggage must be durable and easy to use. The Chester luggage handled its first few tests well, and I can say it gets my vote as the best hardside luggage. It is lightweight, yet tough enough to handle the wear and tear of family travel.

My only caveat is that this luggage is on the pricey side at $195; however, it seems like an expense that is well worth the price tag. I also like the unique color options. I feel confident in saying that this hardside luggage will last you many years. Use this link and code10AF for a discount.

Our Most Durable Luggage

Ogio Stealth Terminal Bag

Although this is not a hardside luggage, it has been our most durable luggage for our family travel. We have had this bag for over 8 years and it still looks almost brand new. That is why, to me, this is the most durable luggage. It is our go-to carry on luggage; however, it is pricey at $120. Nevertheless, the quality is unbeatable! There is storage galore in this luggage. From the large main area to the 2 smaller interior compartments, there is plenty of space for your gear. We always use this bag when we fly, and pack our clothes inside packing cubes. There are also exterior pockets and zippers which can be handy if you need to grab something often.

In addition, the wheels are made of a clear durable material that withstands bumpy terrain and airport curbs. It also has an expandable zipper in case we need more space or are checking in. My only issue is that this bag is a borderline carry-on bag at 22″. It fits perfectly in the overhead compartment, but sometimes gate agents have given me “a look” about the size of the bag.

We use this luggage often on road trips and extend it when we do have to check in a bag at the airport for whatever reason. Since we travel often on Southwest Airlines, bags fly free. Sometimes we decide to check it in if we know we will be bringing back extra items that will need to be checked in anyways, like when we bought a case of wine on our San Francisco to Seattle road trip.

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Best Travel Backpack

Osprey Packs Porter 46 Backpack

This is my husband’s favorite bag! He used it to trek around Peru and Europe. It fit all of his clothes and gear for 5 days comfortably. The straps are adjustable, very comfortable and the pack is very secure with the buckles up front. There is also a front panel zipper compartment for easy access to small items and a hidden laptop sleeve on top. The Osprey backpack is great to use as a carry-on, and also on any small backpacking adventure, as it can fit a lot more than expected! Click on the picture below to see more specs.

Top Rated Carry On Luggage


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most durable luggage

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