Epcot Fastpass: Strategy and Tips

Epcot is one of my favorite parks in Walt Disney World, yet in order to see and ride it all, a Fastpass is a must! An Epcot Fastpass is very important to have when visiting the park to avoid long lines. Unfortunately, Epcot is one of the Disney Parks that has the tiered Fastpass system which means that you can only schedule 1/3 of the top attractions on the My Disney Experience app ahead of time. This means that you cannot schedule Epcot fast passes for Test Track and Soarin ahead of time. You will have to choose. I help break down which are the best Epcot Fast Passes and why I think you should get them in advance. While there are many options for Epcot fast passes, here is my opinion on the best strategy for scheduling your Epcot fastpass.

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PRO TIP– ARRIVE 15 MIN. BEFORE THE PARK OPENS. If you are staying on property and Epcot has early Magic Hours, use them and wake up earlier to make it on time. If you are not staying on property, find out which park does have early magic hours and do not go to that one! If you do, you will be competing with hundreds of people who arrived an hour before you.


Epcot Fastpass Rides

There are 12 Epcot Fastpass attractions (five Tier 1 and seven Tier 2). Epcot is one of the three Disney parks that has a Tier System. That means you are only allowed to schedule one Epcot fast pass in the Tier 1 category, and two rides in the Tier 2 category.

Tier 1 Rides:

  1. Test Track
  2. Soarin
  3. Frozen Ever After
  4. Epcot Character Greeting
  5. Illuminations: Reflection of Earth
Epcot Fast Passes book

Now, assuming that everyone in your party reaches the minimum height requirement – which is 40″, I highly recommend booking Soarin first. Here is why Soarin is the best fastpass for Epcot (in my opinion). There is always a line at Soarin (no matter what time), and their loading is very slow. The line at Test Track is interesting and gives people plenty to look at while you wait. I would say the same thing about Frozen. The theming in Frozen is spectacular and the line is interactive, which means if you have to wait, you might as well be entertained.

Now, when you reserve the Soarin Fastpass, I would likely reserve it for around 10:30 AM. Once you arrive at Epcot, go to Frozen first, then Test Track, and by then your Fastpass reservation time is likely up. By the time you are done riding Soarin, the World Showcase will also have opened (it always opens around 11:00 AM), but be sure to check the park hours. For a nice overview of the World Showcase, check out – Around the World in Epcot.

Soarin Epcot fastpass

Tier 2 Rides:

  1. Mission Space
  2. Spaceship Earth
  3. Living with the Land
  4. The Seas with Nemo & Friends
  5. Turtle Talk with Crush
  6. Pixar Short Film Festival
  7. Journey Into Imagination With Figment

After you have booked the Soarin Fastpass, I recommend getting your Epcot Fast passes for Mission Space and Spaceship Earth, as those are the only two rides that usually have a wait. Actually, Living with the Land sometimes has a wait too, but this is only during peak holiday times.


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Possible Strategy: Epcot Fastpass

9 AM – ride Frozen

9:30 – ride Test Track

10:00 – 11:00 Fastpass – Soarin

Ride Living with the Land ( it is next door)

11:00 – 12:00 Fastpass – Mission Space

12:00 – 1:00 Fastpass – Spaceship Earth – or do the World Showcase and book this for around 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Once you are in line for your last Epcot Fastpass and have tapped your magic band, click on the My Disney Experience app and check to see which Fastpass is available the soonest. Remember that Disney only lets you get one Fastpass at a time, so pick the attraction closest to your current time, so that you can get another right after. There are many other Epcot Fast Passes you can choose no matter what “tier” it was in. You can even choose a Fastpass at another park if you have purchased a Park Hopper. You are not limited to the same park after your first three Fastpasses are done.

Frozen ride

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Getting Double: Epcot Fast Passes

Check out this option on how to get more Epcot Fast Passes if you are traveling with a baby. The Disney child swap allows parents the opportunity to both ride the “big” attractions, while the other stays with the baby/toddler. If you want to do it all, schedule 3 Epcot fast passes for yourself, and three other fast passes for your significant other. You, your partner, and the baby walk up together to the Epcot Fastpass line and say you would like a baby swap. The cast member will ask you to tap your magic band and add it. Then you ride while your partner stays with the little one. Once they come out, you switch baby duty and go in the Fastpass line. Boom – one Epcot Fastpass – two rides! To read more about the exact rules and how to use this feature, check out my Rider Swap Disney post.

Traveling with Toddlers in Epcot

If you are traveling with little ones, and no one in your group wants to book a Fastpass for any rides, I would recommend walking into Frozen first and experiencing the line, and then reserving the Epcot Character Greeting around 10:30 AM, as you get a picture with each of the main characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and sometimes Pluto) individually.

Here is the breakdown:

9:00 ride Frozen

9:30 – 9:45 Ride Nemo and Friends

10:00 Fastpass Epcot Character Greeting – Across the walkway there are more characters: usually Baymax and the Inside Out emotions

Ride Living with the Land, walk to ride Figment and watch the Pixar Short Films

12:00 Fastpass Spaceship Earth and then lunch at World Showcase and a nap in the stroller (hopefully)

3:00 – 4:00 Fastpass Turtle Time with Crush.

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Also, note that during the Food and Wine Festival in September, October, and early November, Epcot experiences a lot more park attendance. This is a very popular event that draws crowds. If you’d like some ideas about planning, check out these tips on the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. For tips on some great places to eat, check out the 12 Best Bites at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

fastpass epcot food and wine

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  1. Great tips for FP+! With a 9am opening, we typically fast pass Mission Space for 9am, ride Spaceship Earth standby first, Test Track for 10am, and then whatever other Tier 2 FP we can get for right after Test Track (and we usually don’t use it). We’ve found that it’s easier to get Soarin’ as a 4th FP+ than Test Track, so we’re usually able to get that one for later in the day since we used up our first three nice and early.

  2. Awesome FP tips, Epcot is my favourite of the parks, really hoping to head back soon and these will be so helpful

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