Best Cash Back Apps: Money Back Apps to Use for Travel

I love a good value! Everyone who really knows me is aware that I can be a cheapo. I’m the person who uses credit card points for a free hotel stay and miles for free flights. When I research items to buy, I tend to get caught up in price more than quality. Although I have splurged on luxury hotels and a Disney Cruise, I need to make sure I am getting the most bang for my buck. Cash back apps help to put cash back in my account, with minimal to no effort. Since I enjoy traveling, budgeting is key. I’ve downloaded a few cash back apps that help me save up for travel. There are many other options, but I don’t like to overcomplicate my life, so the money back apps I recommend, are the ones I use. Here are the best cash back apps to help you get extra money to use for that next trip.

best cash back apps

Best Cash Back Apps

The best cash back apps are easy to use and give you plenty of opportunities to cash out your payments. I have tried a few money back apps that were not user-friendly and seemed complex. I have even signed up for survey websites only to find them too time-consuming with not enough reward. These 5 cash back apps are simple and give you the chance for some extra money.

Rakuten (Ebates)

To me, Rakuten is one of the best cash back apps out there. It is easily one of my top money back apps. They have cash back for over 2,500 stores online, and they’ve recently added cash back in stores as well. You can download their cash back app on your phone, go to their website and click through to their retailers, or install a Chrome extension that alerts you each time you visit a Rakuten retailer.

I use Rakuten all the time when I make purchases online. My usual purchases are Walmart, Old Navy, Gap, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Abercrombie & Fitch, Columbia Sportswear, food ordering apps, and Amazon. Since I am more of a mobile shopper, before I start shopping, I click on the Rakuten app and search for the store I plan to buy from. If it’s there, I click through and get money back into my Ebates account. For example, I went to reorder my contacts online and decided I would check if Ebates had my retailer. Sure enough, they did and I got $6 back from a purchase I was going to do anyway.

As an added bonus, Ebates offer featured deals and extra cash back percentages on a rotating basis. One day I happened to open the app just to check my account and noticed Groupon had 10% cash back. I looked for an activity nearby, bought it and got $8 back for 3 sessions at a trampoline park for the kids. Cashback categories include: travel, health and beauty, electronics, clothing, flowers, baby, auto, home, office, and so much more.

Ebates pays out quarterly: in May, August, November, and February. You can transfer it to your PayPal account or get a check mailed to you. I have done both options, but prefer the PayPal option. I started using Rakuten in April 2018, and have received $70 cash back. Rakuten is one of the easiest cash back apps I have. It is very quick to sign up. Once you do, remember it’s there, so you can receive your extra cash. Sign up here.

Ebates cashback apps


Ibotta has been a game changer for me. It is a very simple money back app for grocery shopping. Rebates and offers are organized by store so they’re very easy to find. Before I go grocery shopping, I take 5 minutes to glance at my Ibotta app to see what promotions they have. I add some items to my grocery store list and go to the store. Once I return, I simply click the items I want to redeem, scan my grocery store receipt, and scan the barcodes if I’m prompted. There is nothing to it!

Although most items will give you a return of 25-50 cents, sometimes you get items ranging from $1-4 cash back. You will even get 25 cents for any receipt scanned. They also offer 25 cent cashback offers on generic items like eggs, milk, beef, pasta sauce, etc.

Your cash will show up almost instantly or within 48 hours. Since using the app I have received $211 cash back for my grocery shopping. The offers change weekly or monthly, and Ibotta often offers a bonus for redeeming a certain amount of items each month. The Ibotta app pays out with Amazon gift cards (my favorite), Venmo, Paypal, or other gift cards. Download the app and start saving today – click here or use my referral code tyhlist.

Ibotta cash back app


I love using Earny! It is the best cash app for me because I’m an avid Amazon, Target, Jet, and Walmart shopper, and prices drop often at these stores. Earny is a simple price protection app that gives you cash back when an item you bought somewhere is found at a lower price. Again, an app that gives you money and all you have to do is link your credit card.

Most major credit card companies offer price protection, yet very few people have the time to use it. By linking a Citibank, Mastercard or Visa (from Barclays, Bank of America, First Premier, USBank or Capital One) into the Earny app, you will allow it to search for price drops and refund you the difference. While some retailers do offer price protection (like Walmart), Amazon does not. Because I frequently shop on Amazon, by linking my Chase Sapphire Preferred (which is a price protection card), anything I buy on that card has that benefit. Earny will search for a lower advertised price, email them on your behalf and get you the difference in price.

I used to get physical checks when this app first started, but now the refund automatically goes back to my credit card. To date, I have been refunded $349. They offer many more retailers than the ones I mentioned, but those are the ones I primarily use for pantry and home/miscellaneous items. The instructions on the Earny app are very simple and can be done within minutes. Each time you get a new price alert from Earny, you will be thankful! It is one of the easiest, no fuss money back apps. Sign up here.

Earny best cash back apps


Dosh is one of the best cash back apps for dining out. Although it does offer online and in-store shopping options, the restaurant list is much larger. There are tons of restaurants that offer cash back on the Dosh app. The best part about Dosh is that you simply link your credit or debit card and then the app will send you a notification when you get cash back. That’s it. You don’t have to do a thing.

I just started using Dosh January 2019 and have $14 in my account. You can cash out at $25 to a bank account, PayPal or Venmo account. Get started with $5 to your account by clicking here or typing in my code MARGIED5.

dosh cashback apps


So this is the newest of the cash back apps I have downloaded. I recently signed up and received a $10 bonus. I still have not made a purchase because I keep forgetting to use it. What drew me to this app was the sign-up bonus because it gets me halfway to a payout. I must spend $10 upon starting my account to cash back.

One of the things I read about BeFrugal was that you could cash out at any time and not have to wait for a set limit of $20 or $25, which is kind of nice. My plan is to take an extra 30 seconds and see which of the two (BeFrugal or Ebates) has a better rate at the particular store I want to shop from and go with that.

If you would like to signup for BeFrugal click here.

Befrugal cash back apps

Why You Should Use Cash Back Apps

The best cash back apps are easy to use and give you some extra money to use for whatever purpose. Since my husband and I are both educators, we need to budget our expenses carefully and create realistic family bucket list ideas that do not break the bank. Each time I receive a payout or refund, I do my best to transfer it to our travel account. As you can see, with these 5 cash back apps, I have saved $650, and I continue to save daily! Do yourself a favor and download one or more of these cash back apps. They are easy to use and quick to get started. Start saving today by using the best cash back apps possible.

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