About Me

I’m Margie, the person who puts DQ Family Travel together. Our family of 4 started traveling a little over 10 years ago when our son was born. We mostly stuck to traveling to Disney World, and all around Florida (our home state). Once the kids were a bit older were started traveling to major cities around the U.S., and came up with a goal to explore the country by visiting all 50 states. We love to visit national parks, road trip, see museums, find a local park, and try to see key sights and unique locations. We enjoy eating local food and try to expose our children to a variety of things.

Work With Me

Below are the brands DQ Family Travel has collaborated with:

Online Publications

In addition to writing for DQ Family Travel, I enjoy freelancing and writing for online magazines. Here are some articles recently published.

Articles for Monterey Bay Parent Magazine

Articles for Mashed.com

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